We are proud to present our 25th Anniversary logo by Megan Massa, 2019 Bird of the Year artist for the American Birding Association, ABA. The stunning artwork celebrates CVWO's 25 years of wildlife research. 

Read the press release about our new artwork and meet Megan Massa in CVWO's newsroom.

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Annual Kiptopeke Challenge


Join the birding craze! Where else can you enjoy the beautiful outdoors, witness the majesty of migrating birds, and support an important conservation organization all at the same time.

Raptor Research


Since 1977, CVWO has conducted raptor research during fall migration at Kiptopeke State Park located on Virginia's Eastern Shore.  

Butterfly Research


The Observatory has documented more than 70 species of butterflies and skippers at the tip of Virginia's Eastern Shore, where little butterfly work has been previously conducted.

Waterbird Research


The Observatory conducts its own surveys and also helps with those of other organizations to document the movements of waterbirds in coastal Virginia. From climate change to development to commercial fishing to pollution to habitat loss, coastal areas are under pressure. 

Songbird Research


The Observatory participates in the study of Prothonotary Warblers, as part of the Virginia Prothonotary Network, monitoring nest boxes in spring and summer by canoe at various sites. This is a species of special concern. See the General Blog for updates about this work.



A major part of the Observatory's mission is environmental education. Seasonal research staff, an Environmental Educator and volunteers provide on-site presentations about our programs and about migration in the Chesapeake Bay area of coastal Virginia.


CVWO Celebrates Our 25th Anniversary

Riding the Wind, by CVWO's president, Brian Taber, is a celebration of birds, birding and conservation. The book - released in honor of CVWO's 25th anniversary this year - features essays, some previously published in magazines. Twenty illustrations by award-winning artist Julie Zickefoose accompany the birding stories inside and the cover art is by CVWO Hawkwatcher, Anna Stunkel. The book is a fundraiser for CVWO.

You can purchase a copy of Riding the Wind with the PayPal link below, or visit local Williamsburg bird stores, Wild Birds Unlimited and Backyard Birder, for signed copies of the book.

"Brian writes engagingly of his birding life over the years with essays on his experiences in Arizona, Costa Rica and many other places and times and of course, Virginia. Has two cover color paintings by Anna Stunkel, 19 black and white sketches by Julie Zickefoose and a Foreword by Pete Dunne. "  Harry Armistead

"I'm proud and glad to be a part of it!"  Julie Zickefoose

Monarch Migration - An interview with cvwo biologist

 In this video you will hear from Michael Ferrara, CVWO's monarch biologist, who will share insights into the unique geographic feature of the peninsula of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and how this super highway for monarch and raptor migration provides tremendous opportunities for CVWO, scientists and the public to encounter the butterfly and hawk migration in the fall.

Visit CVWO's YouTube Channel here.

CVWO's Raptor Migration Research - A One Minute Short

In the opening aerial scene of this video, you can view the migratory route taken by 19 recorded species of raptors over the bottleneck of land that funnels the birds toward the Hawkwatch platform. There, CVWO biologists record information that is shared internationally with science data bases like

Visit CVWO's YouTube Channel here.

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