Why It's Important

A major part of the Observatory's mission is environmental education. Seasonal research staff, an Environmental Educator and volunteers provide on-site presentations about our programs and about migration in the Chesapeake Bay area of coastal Virginia. Particularly at Kiptopeke State Park during fall migration, we host birders, schools, universities and other visitors at no cost to them. Field trips and workshops are also conducted. The Observatory has also participated, for more that 20 years, in the Eastern Shore Birding and Wildlife Festival.

Life-sized models of hawks, with photographs taken at Kiptopeke, are used to explain differences in the species. Printed materials are also distributed, including brochures and checklists. Newsletters and an Annual Field Research Report are available to members.

Our website contains information about birds and butterflies that can also be used by teachers for their programming. There is a Blog for current updates and information about unusual birds and butterflies. There is a special story about a Prothonotary Warbler named Chelsea.There is information about our Team Birding Competition, The Kiptopeke Challenge. There is weather information, a video about migration and a link to VA eBird, where bird records are submitted and where articles are posted of interest to Virginia and across the country and more.

Grant funding for educational materials has also come from the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Advisory Committee, from the sale of Chesapeake Bay license plates.

Funding also comes from the Observatory's Bill Akers Environmental Education Fund.

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